Playing with dogs is a relaxing pastime for kids, and also extremely educative. It is possibly one of the first experiences with some other creature where they learn the values of team spirit, respecting others’ space and co-operation. It also gives them a habit of nurturing and looking after others and looking after the needs of someone else. Find out about 5 of the best dog breeds for kids.


This is one of the most favorite breeds for children, who love to cuddle them. These cute dogs can cozy up to kids who love to play with them in a gentle way. Pug puppies are playful by nature, and are great lap dogs by nature. They love to be around people, and make perfect family pets as they are quiet and clever.


These are the smallest canine breeds, and owe their name to Chihuahua, the Mexican state. Whether short or long haired, these are the smallest of the canine breeds. The dogs tend to love kids and are extremely loyal to the families that they become a part of. The dogs love being in the indoor environment, and do not like cold weather – may be because of their supposed Mexican origin. One can train these dogs easily, and these love to be lap dogs for those who love them the best. However, kids need to be taught to recognize the signs of when their dog is bad at them.


The name of this dog breed instantly brings to mind Charles M. Schulz’s immortal creation, Snoopy, from the funny cartoon series “Peanuts”. Unlike in Schulz’s cartoon, these cute, gentle and sweet canines love companionship and are pack animals in reality. However, like Snoopy, they are goofy, like to play and love nature. Beagles make great family pets and a day without them around makes the home look empty.

French Bulldogs

These are also lovingly called “Frenchies”. The dogs have a big personality although they are petite in size. The canines have bat-styled ears and are reputed for their affectionate nature. The dogs are fantastic companion dogs and can wonderfully adjust to apartment life. By nature, this breed adjusts to small spaces and loves to be around children and even dressed for special occasions such as Halloween.


This breed is highly protective of the members of the family it is in. The dogs are mid-sized and are a bundle of energy.

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