Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs by breed, whether they come with short hair or long hair. They are very loyal to their owners and love to stay indoors rather than outdoors. The canines can easily be trained to be lap dogs, but it is important to use a training collar that fits properly and do not allow them to slip out easily. The collar should be comfy and not make him choke. Find out about some of the best and most common collars for Chihuahuas.

Slip Collars

A few trainers insist that these puppies need to wear a nylon slip collar or a metal choke chain at the time of being trained. An extremely skilled trainer can train these dogs with success when they use slip collars. Keep in mind that these collars can tighten around the neck and choke the dogs. These collars work by a specific mechanism. The dogs see the chains and immediately understand that they will be subjected to a correction unless they behave in a desirable way. The collars work on the principle of Negative Reinforcement Training.

Flat Buckle Collar

Such types of collars do not subject Chihuahuas to pain. The wider a collar is, the less is the amount of pressure exerted on the neck of the dog if it occasionally hits the leash’s end.

Adjustable collar having snap closure

Like a basic Flat Buckle Collar, these do not hurt Chihuahuas. These collars are excellent options particularly in case you have a Chi pup that might require two collars of varied sizes before they stop growing. As the dog will never put a lot of pressure on its collar, you will not have to be worried about how strong the clip is.

Greyhound collar

This is one more useful collar, and consists of 2 pieces. There is a wider band almost circling the neck of a Chi dog. There is also a light chain or a nylon slip that forms a loop through the wider band’s ends. The collar tightens once a pup strains against it. However, as the band of the throat is wide enough, the Chi does not get injured or choked. This type of collar also prevents the dog from backing out of the Greyhound collar.

Rolled leather collar

These collars rub the coat of dogs only minimally, and tend to last for the longest time. Thus, these are better than Nylon web collars that are tough, are available in varied colors and can rub off a soft dog coat.

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