How long do poodles live depends on the poodle and it owner. To make your pet live long you need to take care of it properly.


Historians have debated and still debating about the origins of this breed. Some say Germany and other says France. Where ever the poodle really originated from their best bet was the French Barbet.

Europeans have known the breed for a long time and the breed received its popular image in in the 15th and 16th centuries with drawings from the German artist Albrecht Dürer.

It was the principal pet dog of Spain in the late 18th century and were the favourite of during the reign of Louis XVI at about the same period.

How long do poodles live in the past? Not as long as today due to the lack of knowledge about animal health.


The most minor but still concerning issue of the breed is ear infection. They easily get it due to their hair. Poodle does not have shedding fur but instead permanently growing hair. Hair in their ear canal will keep on growing and in not treated properly, it may lead to various ear problems.

How long do poodles live in ideal settings? If your pet does not have the above listed health issues and you put proper care and attention to it, the pet might live for an average of 11 – 14 years.

The leading causes of death for this variety of dog is old age, cancer, and liver failure.


Their hair needs to be cut when possible especially the ones in the ear. In hot places you might want to keep the coat evenly short. In cold weather you might want to keep the coat longer. Their nails also needs to be clipped every now and then. You need to pay attention to their ears, it can easily get infected due to their hair.

Their food needs to be healthy and balanced since they often die due to liver failure and cancer. Their snacks should also be healthy and you can give berries and sliced fruits whose seeds and core have been removed. The food bowl also needs to be planned since they do get gastric dilatation volvulus.

Their water must also be clean and from a healthy source since, again, their liver is prone to failing.

Of course proper exercise and regular vet visits will keep this pet healthy.

With all that care and love, how long do poodles live? They can live for 15 years at best maybe even more.

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