Using a good oil filter is one of the key steps in prolonging the life of your car’s engine. Oil filters keep the oil in the engine clean. In the same time, its task is to lubricate the engine parts. In this article, you can find out more about the importance of a good oil filter and what the best oil filters for Corvettes are. Read on…


The only thing that can prevent friction and rub within your car’s engine is the oil film. The oil filter keeps the oil adequately clean. As a consequence, a sliding oil film exists between the engine parts. The oil gets contaminated simply by the wear of machine parts due to their own movements, as well as due to outside air impurities.


No 1.: AC Delco UPF44

There are many reasons why this is definitely number 1 among the best oil filters for Corvettes. Firstly, the factory recommends it. Therefore, it is 100 % suitable for Corvettes. Secondly, its efficiency reaches the amazing 98%. It is extra-safe, as its manufacturer states that it can take up to five times more pressure than a standard engine produces.

No 2: Mobil 1 oil filter

We recommend the M1 113 type, as it definitely has the highest efficiency percentage among all oil filters on the market – the incredible 99,6%! This is its strongest asset. Additionally, Mobil 1 can keep 2 times more impurities than other standard filters.

No 3.: K&N type HP 1007

This product ranks #3 on our list of the best oil filters for Corvettes because it is versatile, universal and fits most of the cars. This means it is safe, convenient and efficient. Additionally, this filter can withstand very harsh conditions. Its greatest advantage is a specially engineered system which prevents drainage after the engine is turned off. Its removal is very easy as well.

In conclusion, oil filter has the task of removing the harmful fraction and abrasive particles from the engine oil, allowing the oil to fulfill its task in the long run. This is why you must always choose the best oil filters for Corvettes and cars in general. We recommend AC Delco UPF44, Mobil 1, especially its M1 113 type, or the K&N type HP 1007 oil filter.


Due to the increased levels of air pollution, our cars need to be washed, cleaned and polished today much more than a few decades ago. Your beloved car needs a thorough everyday care. Despite that, small scratches, grime, and persistent dirt cannot always be removed by washing. In that case, it should be periodically removed with best clay bar for car detailing.


  • Cleans easily visible, yet thorough surface impurities, including dirt, accumulated dust, unwanted paint, sand or even acid rain traces, etc.;
  • Perfectly cleans lower parts of your car covered with the so-called “brake-dust” and metal particles;
  • Captures these impurities and opens-up your car’s “skin”;
  • Prepares your car for the next stages of cleaning and car waxing, or for applying a protective solution;
  • Brings back the shine to your car, visible even in direct sunlight;
  • Reveals full-color richness.


There are many different types of clay bars for cars, different producers, features, composition, and origins of clay. You should consult your professional car care service if you are planning to use clay bar detailing for the first time on your car. However, there are some characteristics of clay bars that will show you hints on its quality. The clay should be:

  • Non-abrasive. It should gently clean your car and polish its impurities. Remember, you don’t want it to create more damage than good.
  • Efficient against environmental dirt.
  • Efficient against paint (overspray).
  • The more quality clay you use, the results will last longer. Try using the best clay bar for car detailing you can possibly find because you should not repeat this process too often.
  • Effective both above and under the surface. If you want to regain that shiny appearance that your car had when you first bought it, you will need to perform an in-depth clay detailing.

In conclusion, once you feel small irregularities in the texture of your car, or when you notice that its finish paint is not as shiny as it used to be, it is time to choose the best clay bar for car detailing and regain your car’s amazing appearance. There are new types of clay bars in the market, in form of a sponge, which can be used several times.

Every other car today is equipped with a car air freshener. Yes, humans are obsessed with refining all their living spaces and considering they spend a gigantic amount of time in their cars it is no wonder they want the air there smelling good too. Sometimes when taking a long drive it might be uncomfortable from the weariness that comes with driving and spending a lot of time sitting in the same position.

Bad odour however can be extremely excruciating during a long drive which is why the best car air fresheners have has an escalated demand in the market. The main purpose of air freshener is to ensure that your car always smells good. There are many brands out in the market all claiming to be the best so it is important that you select one that is long lasting and suits your specific needs.

Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

In a car setting rather than being just long-lasting the fragrance should also create a resistance to bad smells accumulating in your car. The Citrus Magic’s Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener has been in designed in such a way that it totally eliminates any unpleasant smells that might cause discomfort in your car. This is why it is considered one of the best car air fresheners.

Chemical Guys AIR 101 16 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener

The most unique feature about this type of car freshener is that it is designer in such a way that it makes your car smell like it is brand new. The enzymes that are used in the making have the capability to get rid of unpleasant smells in the car. It is one of the best car air fresheners as the components are concentrated in such a way that one puff of the fragrance will be able to keep the air in your car fresh for many days.

One Point Zero One Natural Air Fresheners

In the market this is considered one of the best car air fresheners due to its ability to absorb unpleasant smells, purifying the air, refreshing the air and removing of odours. This air freshener is not only applicable in the car interior but also in the exterior such as the garage or the house. It is very different from the regular air fresheners both in the design as well as its effectiveness. It is accurate to stay that it is one of the efficient and best car air fresheners.