Using a good oil filter is one of the key steps in prolonging the life of your car’s engine. Oil filters keep the oil in the engine clean. In the same time, its task is to lubricate the engine parts. In this article, you can find out more about the importance of a good oil filter and what the best oil filters for Corvettes are. Read on…


The only thing that can prevent friction and rub within your car’s engine is the oil film. The oil filter keeps the oil adequately clean. As a consequence, a sliding oil film exists between the engine parts. The oil gets contaminated simply by the wear of machine parts due to their own movements, as well as due to outside air impurities.


No 1.: AC Delco UPF44

There are many reasons why this is definitely number 1 among the best oil filters for Corvettes. Firstly, the factory recommends it. Therefore, it is 100 % suitable for Corvettes. Secondly, its efficiency reaches the amazing 98%. It is extra-safe, as its manufacturer states that it can take up to five times more pressure than a standard engine produces.

No 2: Mobil 1 oil filter

We recommend the M1 113 type, as it definitely has the highest efficiency percentage among all oil filters on the market – the incredible 99,6%! This is its strongest asset. Additionally, Mobil 1 can keep 2 times more impurities than other standard filters.

No 3.: K&N type HP 1007

This product ranks #3 on our list of the best oil filters for Corvettes because it is versatile, universal and fits most of the cars. This means it is safe, convenient and efficient. Additionally, this filter can withstand very harsh conditions. Its greatest advantage is a specially engineered system which prevents drainage after the engine is turned off. Its removal is very easy as well.

In conclusion, oil filter has the task of removing the harmful fraction and abrasive particles from the engine oil, allowing the oil to fulfill its task in the long run. This is why you must always choose the best oil filters for Corvettes and cars in general. We recommend AC Delco UPF44, Mobil 1, especially its M1 113 type, or the K&N type HP 1007 oil filter.


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