In the US alone, the cost of French bulldogs can be a minimum of 2,000 – 3,000 USD. The actual price can depend on the geographic location of the breeder. The big price tag is often a cause for wonder for dog lovers who wish to buy a French bull pup or full-grown bulldog. Find out why these dogs are so expensive to buy.


Costly to breed

Generally, these are quite costly to breed. As this type of dog has narrow hips, it is unable to get easily into mounted position to breed. Most of these dogs are unable to conceive after trying to breed in natural positions. Many of these dogs are unable to mate naturally. Thus, they have to undergo an artificial insemination process. Although everything depends on the location and the vet, the process is usually long and burdensome. These need help, and in most cases artificial insemination is the only way out. The breeder has to bear the entire expense – which can be a couple hundred dollars depending on whether the semen is chilled, frozen or fresh.

C-section might be required

Even when a female French bulldog is able to conceive, a vet’s assistance is needed to have the puppies delivered. Generally, a C-section is required as many problems arise at the time of labor. Breeders need to pay for intravenous support, anesthesia, vet labor, puppy and mother care and much more. During delivery, the puppies tend to struggle themselves. As their heads are bigger than the birth canal, they find it hard to get born through natural means. In any case, a litter of average size might have at most 4 puppies – if they survive at all. Some female bulldogs deliver only 1 – 2 healthy pups. As the female might quickly enter labor, the owner might have to arrange for the stay of a vet prior to labor. He might even hire an emergency veterinary, which can raise the expenses.

Maintenance costs

It is also expensive to maintain and nurture these dogs. As cute as they might be, looking after French bulldogs is no less than full-time work. It is important to check weight a number of times throughout the day to ensure that the pups are thriving well. The breeder needs to keep the entire whelp area clean and warm, clean lots of laundry, and feed the mother and pup and more. All these add to the costs.

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